Exploring South Africa PT:1 SANDTON CITY


I wish i could quit my job, pack my bags and travel and explore ……but chiiiiiiille,i need to make coins for that.

You wake up with the sun, open your curtains to a breathtaking view of the mountains, quickly grab coffee by the beach, go on a kayak down the river, have lunch on the deck overlooking a herd of elephants at the waterhole, say cheers to the sun on an evening in the cape wines and then top off the day with a nightcap under the milky way. That is how my days rolled.

I travelled to South Africa a few months back,Nov 2016 and OMG SA is so pretty amazing.one way to describe it….WOW!!!

South Africa is a great holiday destination, and the locals – who are known for being open and friendly. Whether you love safaris, adventure, cities, beaches, mountains, history, culture or all of the above, you know there’s always a wow moment lying around every South African corner.

First stop, Sandton City in Jozi.The atmosphere at Sandton City is cosmopolitan and sophisticated. You will find the very best South Africa and the world has to offer. I advice you go there with an EMPTY suitcase and if your fave exercise is shopping you will def be fit!

This shopping centre in Sandton combines the classic and the contemporary in everything from architecture, dining and retail outlets.And many well-known and trendy restaurants, as well as a 6-metre bronze statue of Nelson Mandela – great for photographs.

Sandton Mall.
Nelson Mandela Square

Nelson Mandela Statue


Sandton City is surrounded by a range of hotels and accommodation.Everything you could want under upscale roof. Magnificent. Sandton Mall.

PT:2 CAPE TOWN, coming soon!!





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