The Ultimate Natural Hair Experience – (Curlfriends and Conversations‬)

Halloooooooo!! *in  Diamond Platinum’s voice* Ok may be not, ok am confused now!!*

Hey guys, how you be? Am super well just on recovery mode after hectic couple of weeks (Story for another day)

Few weeks ago, The Kurlly diaries hosted their 3rd edition of the Curl-friends and Conversations  which i attended and participated. It was organized with the  pretty group’s admin ladies

The Kurlly diaries is a group for women with natural hair  and hold each others hands as they fall in love with our natural roots and document our struggles and triumphs.  It also seeks to empower the natural haired woman in health, image and finance issues. So in other words they are my sisters from another mother (NATURAL LOVING) and have learnt a lot from these wonderful lovely ladies.

Now wasn’t all just about hair,it was the ultimate networking event.all about learning  fun and fabulosity and did i mentioned it all white!!!

11249562_10153462640026672_5764732572443368624_nGroup pic which i missed. still sobbing about it!

11709658_10153292862900804_8942165177445749446_nHosted by the miss pretty Kambua, doesn’t she look so yumm! *facepalm*

There will be also a live salon experience and the make up guru Agbons from Sunshine’s Beautiful Brides who slayed my face, My make up was so on fleek almost slept with it on!

2015-06-27 20.47.47Make up on fleek till the AM.

Will let the pics speak for themselves cos I have just ran out of words on how to describe how the event was AMAZE BALLS!!!!!

11705349_10153462650366672_283257394460832129_nGorg Miss Josephine and Wachu

11541926_10153462648071672_3361816505886712832_nEver fun  loving, make up Chiqas Monique and Sheila

2015-06-27 17.42.41 2015-06-27 17.42.31 2015-06-27 13.31.33Natural hair vendors


2015-06-27 13.31.54My amazing J of All Trade crew, Vending stand.

11222933_10153491240095452_4624336350302376506_oCaught up with some friends

11050683_10153462493691672_2320036239473275617_nFun loving attendees.

Word of the Day: Love Your Natural Hair!

Peace! *peace sign*




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