Hallo Lovelies! I know! i know! have awol for a min there. A lot has been happening in my life this past  year. But Hey! I thank God, glad i’m alive and still smiling. Lotsa catching up to do in this blogging thing. Which got me thinking should i start a vlog or nah?! procrastinating … More LAMU TAMU

Exploring PT:2 Cape Town day 1. (vineyards and wine tasting)

  You know what they say about Cape town? Its the coooooolest city eveeeeeeeeer! (Wendy william’s voice) don’t ask me why. so my 2nd visit was CT, i was so awed by its amazing natural landscapes,diverse cuisines,cultures and lot of activities to do. So in short you need to visit experience it. CT is a … More Exploring PT:2 Cape Town day 1. (vineyards and wine tasting)


Nothing makes me happier than traveling to a new place that’s of instant excitement and joy to be able to experience life outside of what I am accustomed to daily and of course with a loved one. It becomes a time to bond, explore and discover the things that you never once knew.I basically live … More TWENDE ZANZIBAR